Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Binatone S-Life Celestia C1085 VOIP Phone

VOIP phones (or Voice over internet phones) are becoming ever more popular in a world where the internet is central to everything we do. The idea of the phone is to be able to make free or very cheap calls to friends and family in any country and this phone does exactly that. Part of Binatone's S Life range, this VOIP phone uses USB technology to connect it to the internet via any available USB port. It includes a docking station and a handset.

I brought this phone for just £19.95 from Argos.co.uk and for that I got my own UK landline number so that people could ring me just like they would anyone else, software for both Instant Messenging and making phone calls and sending texts. I also got a voucher for free minutes and at only 2p a minute to most countries it is the perfect alternative for making them long distance and long conversation calls to friends and family. The company does state clearly that this type of phone should not replace your landline phone because if there is a problem with your broadband internet connection you will not be able to use your phone. However, you also get a voicemail service so that you never miss a call again.

This phone is perfect for all sorts of situations especially for businesses because it enables you to call other Freshtel Internet Phone users for free. It is also perfect for the home and in a world where telecommunications is evolving the VOIP is the future of telephony. You can buy one direct from Argos.co.uk now

Simon North, 8th January 2007

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