Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Froogle Price Comparison Review

Froogle is a Google Inc. website designed at comparing prices of items on the internet, it is still in beta stage currently (early 2007) and is the perfect resource for finding products on the internet.

You can filter your searches depending on what you are searching for, for example I searched for laptop and I could filter it by price, stores, seller ratings, and capacity of hard drive. It took results from a wide range of vendors especially Google Checkout merchants.

It gives you an image of the item, a description, a product rating (if it has been reviewed), the seller and price of the item. You can order them in relevance, ratings and price. You can also view the list in grid view rather than list view, grid view gives you the image, link and price.

By clicking the item, you will see a full description and full details and specification of the product, all still on froogle.

This service, as I've said, is still in beta so it is improving continuously, but it is one of the best shopping site on the internet at the moment. Worth a look? visit http://froogle.google.com and start shopping today

Simon North, October 2006

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