Saturday, 20 January 2007

Google Toolbar

Toolbars are for a lot of people, annoying, they get downloaded with software and your browser can be covered in them, so why would you go and download one purposely. Well, Google toolbar offers many features that may well make you make that decision.

Obviously, there is the option to search Google straight from the toolbar, you can search most of Google’s services including; web, images and news. A nice feature to mention is that when you start to type a phrase into the search box, results start appearing, these include your browsing history, suggestions and the most common results.

Google Toolbar also allows you to check spelling on a page, subscribe to RSS feeds available on the current webpage, and also provides you with a page’s page rank under Google.

You are not just limited to what is on the toolbar though, Google offer a whole gallery of extra buttons for all sorts of needs including weather, news and fun, however it is worth mentioning that this option is only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+, which means Firefox users do not get this option. You can also customise your toolbar so that it has just what you want.

The toolbar is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer and is a great addition if you use your browser a lot, otherwise it may just get in the way. If you already have integrated search on your browser then the main function of the toolbar may well be pointless. But overall, it is the best toolbar extension out there and the only one that I would personally install in my browser.

Simon North, 20th January 2007

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