Thursday, 18 January 2007


Browzar is a web browser written in the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine, in order to provide quality and security to your browsing. The thing that sets browzar out from other browsers is the ability to leave no trace of your browsing activity on the computer that you use because it adds no files to the computer during your browsing. The application is only 273KB in size so can be downloaded in seconds on any computer with an internet connection and you do not have to install it.

The application is a bit basic at the moment but it does everything you need, from searching the net with it's integrated search (which uses Ask Jeeves), to printing webpages. I will say you cannot really use it as your main web browser, but it is planning to get bigger and better, with support for Mac and Linux as well as adding things like tabbed browsing, available in two colours, black and silver you can download it and use it within seconds from

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