Saturday, 20 January 2007

Google SketchUp 6

Google SketchUp from Google Inc. is a free, fast and easy to use 3D modelling application. It enables you to create buildings, prototypes or anything else you want quickly and easily without much of an introduction. The interface is simple and self explanatory and you can create models in seconds.

Google SketchUp is integrated with a service from Google called 3D Warehouse which allows you to host your creations online no matter how big the file size is, it will then be available for anyone to download and you can download other peoples creations and even edit them. Another feature is the ability to upload your buildings to Google Earth.

In Google SketchUp you can create your work through adding shapes and lines and best of all the program seems too understand what you want as it snaps lines into place. You can push or pull a shape, this creates a 3D element. You can also add textures to buildings through the use of the Material Browser, which includes hundreds of textures and colours to add to your model, including brick, vegetation and glass effects.

Google SketchUp offers a great alternative to big 3D modelling applications like AutoCAD and this program is designed at both amateurs and professionals, for professionals there is the professional version available which costs £250. The application produces professional looking models with minimum amount of effort, training and time.

Simon North, 19th January 2007

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