Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Spotbit EXE Magazine Creator

As a magazine editor myself, I found this fantastic tool on the internet. You simply upload your images of each page or add them into a zip file and upload that. Spotbit will then create an exe application e-book of your magazine and add a background to the application. This means that your potential readers will be able to view your magazine without needing software like PDF viewers or flash.

The produced application includes great visual and sound effects to simulate a hard copy magazine. You can turn pages, magnify (by simply right clicking)., skip to pages like contents as well as being able to input a page number and it goes straight to it.

The service is totally free and is perfect and produces relatively small filesizes, my magazine The Computing Expert for example was only 9.9MB in good quality colour. PDF files are much bigger. Head over to to start producing your magazines or take a look at an example of the service used for Simnor Computing's magazine The Computing Expert.

Simon North, October 2006

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