Thursday, 18 January 2007

Corel Snapfire

From the company that brings us WordPerfect Office, Paint Shop and CorelDraw comes a free photo management application called Corel Snapfire. The idea of the application is to make organising, fixing and sharing your digital photos easy. The application is available as a free download from the Corel website (

Snapfire looks great and is perfect for quickly fixing photos, but really you need a dedicated photo editing package for the best results.

The application also allows you to create album pages, calendars, greetings cards and collages, making it perfect if you want to create your own photo album or fancy seeing a different photo every month on a calendar.

You can use Quick Review to see your images in a slideshow which has great slide merging effects, but as with the rest of the program, you’ll need a good computer to run it. On a 1GHz computer with 256MB of RAM, the program took over a minute to load fully.

If you like the program then you could buy Corel Snapfire Plus for £29.99 which gives you a whole range of fantastic features including basic video editing.

Simon North, October 2006

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