Tuesday, 16 January 2007

World's Highest Website Review

What! The World's Highest Website, I hear you say. Well, yes the world's highest website. What a great idea. This wacky site claims to be 11.769 miles high, I haven't actually measured it, but I do believe the creator behind this masterpiece. You can however if you get bored after the first couple of minutes, simply press Ctrl and End or you could just get hold of the scrollbar and pull it down to the bottom.

So how was this made, well the creator didn't sit there for hours, weeks, months and input lines and measure every mile of it, it is actually created by using CSS, which is a website standard used mainly to style webpages (fonts, backgrounds etc.) There isn't much more I can say about it than if you have a spare day or so take a look and scroll to the bottom, otherwise just take the elevator. You can find it at www.worlds-highest-website.com.

Simon North, December 2006

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